Social Distance and Contact Traceability System.

Measure and record the time and distance between people, automatically and precisely.

Trazabilidad de contactos


Automated traceability.

The system allows effective and automatic traceability of close workers interactions. The system records data related to distance between workers, interaction time, interaction date and interaction repetitions.

Real time reports.

Through a web platform, it is possible to visualize and monitor user-oriented information. It avoids inefficient decisions such as request all workers back to their homes or having the risk of leaving a possible infected person in the office or on site.

Large storage capacity.

The devices can store more than 1,000 contacts in their memory. The data is not lost in case of not connecting to an access point for downloading the information recorded. The information is saved on both devices so the information will keep integrity.

Interactions are recorded with fixed infection vectors.

The information of each device is collected by receiver nodes that are in specific places, which will submit the accumulated information to a server.

The distancing and traceability (data, information) are currently measured manually.

The effectiveness of these protocols relies on the users’ responsibility and their smartphones availability.

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Time management system.


Intelligent traffic control system.